The Observer Effect, GEMAK, The Hague: Opening 17 July 5-7pm, Re-opening 31 July 5-7pm

Come to the opening of this group exhibition I am co-curating with Waalko Dingemans at GEMAK in The Hague on 17 July from 5-7pm. Featured artists are:  Zehra Arslan, Lewis Davidson, Waalko Dingemans, Jason File, Naomi Fitzsimmons, Libby Ireland, and Marijn Ottenhof. 

The opening reception will feature live performances and unique interactive  experiences. A re-opening reception on Friday, 31 July from 5-7pm will re-introduce the exhibition, re-framed in a new way in response to data collected from visitors.

Many thanks to Stroom and GEMAK for supporting this exhibition.